“Got Me Under Pressure” by ZZ Top

Composer – Billy Gibbons

Where to find this song – Eliminator track #2

Release Date – January 1983

The Band:

Billy Gibbons -guitar

Dusty Hill – bass

Frank Beard – drums

Formed in Houston, TX in 1969, Gibbons was formerly with the band “The Sidewalks” and Hill & Beard were from “The American Blues Band”. They got together, and the following year they released their debut album, appropriately titled “First Album”. ZZ
Top released “Rio Grande Mud”, in 1972, which produced the hit “Francene”. They went on tour and opened for The Rolling Stones, which greatly increased their fan base. The following year, they released their first top 10 albums, “Tres Hombres.” It featured the hit “La Grange” and was their first album to be certified platinum. In 1976, they released “Tejas” and embarked on the infamous World-Wide Tejas tour that included live cattle,
rattlesnakes, and cactus on stage! After the tour, the guys took some time off then finished the seventies with “Deguello” which included covers of Sam and Dave’s “I Thank You” and Elmore James’ “Dust My Broom”. ZZ Top’s bestselling album, “Eliminator,” was released in 1983. The album contained the hit singles, “Gimme
All Your Lovin”, “Sharp Dressed Man”, “TV Dinners” and “Legs”.

Got Me Under Pressure Main Riff

Both guitars will be “palm-muted” (P.M.) throughout the riff. A palm mute is when you allow your pick hand to rest on the strings not being played. Guitar 2 will be performing a “pull-off.” Guitar 2 will also not come in on the first measure of the song, which is why there are no notations at the beginning of the measure.

Guitar 1

Guitar 2

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