Dust In The Wind by Kansas

Difficulty: Intermediate

In this classic riff, you will be playing fingerstyle chords while allowing the notes to ring throughout the measures. The progression is based around standard chords that place emphasis on the root notes, set at 94 bpm (beats per minute). The progression that will be played here is C, Amadd9, Amsus4, Am, and then back to Amadd9. Below are some of the standard chords that you will be playing as well as a picture of what the chord should look like, Notice that for the Amadd9, all you are doing is removing the 1st fret note on the “B” string to play this chord. For the Amsus4 chord, all you are doing is reversing a standard Am chord by using your 4th finger to play the third fret on the “B” string instead of your 1st finger playing the first fret on the “B” string.

This is what a C chord looks like:

And here is the picture:

Here is what an Am chord looks like:

And again, the picture:




How to Play “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas on Guitar

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