“It’s Gonna Be Alright” by Ween

Difficulty: Easy

These guys have a real Pink Floyd sound to them. I GUARANTEE that if you like Pink Floyd, you’ll love Ween. They have some really great acoustic songs as well with lots of cool effects. There are a few in this lesson, but this particular song is real easy to play. It’s great for a beginner.Intro

You will need a capo on the first fret for this song.


The top part is the picked out part. The bottom part I still
played on the acoustic, but I used a wah pedal to play it. It
sounds much more like the original.


Notice the “3x” near the end of the top measure. It
tells you to play what you just played three times in total, and
then move to the next bar. I did this in the recording to help
you lean a little about tablature notation. I dubbed in another
acoustic guitar that just plays chords from the tablature at the


The same “3x” appears here at the end of the measure.
I also dubbed in another acoustic guitar just playing the chords
from the top of the tablature.

Complete Transcription To
“It’s Gonna Be Alright” (PDF)

Complete Transcription To
“It’s Gonna Be Alright” (Power Tab)