“Mad World” by Gary Jules

Difficulty : Advanced

This song is off the “Donnie Darko” soundtrack. It is originally written in piano, but it has been transcribed below so that you can learn it on the guitar.

As always, a piano song transcribes into fingerstyle, and this one is rather difficult. There is a constant theme though, so once you get the Intro, you have the rest!

I should note that the PTB version has more to it in the second verse. I didn’t play it because there is just a “cello” in the background. I think you can see it and totally grasp it.






During the Verse, I followed the coda. After the first bar, notice
that you have the next bar captured with the dark lines and dots. That
means you will play the part in between twice, unless otherwise noted.





Complete Transcription
To “Mad World” (PDF)