“Turn Up The Radio” by Autograph

Difficulty: Easy

Composer – Autograph

Where to find this song – Sign In Please track # 2

Release Date – April 1984

The Band –

  • Steve Plunkett – vocals, guitar
  • Steve Lynch – guitar
  • Randy Rand – bass
  • Steven Isham – keyboards
  • Keni Richards – drums

Despite writing an MTV hit with their very first single, “Turn Up the Radio,” Autograph quickly got lost in the shuffle of the pop-metal scene. Formed in the early ’80s, the band seemed to have it all: a fine radio-friendly single from their debut album, good looks, big hair, and even a puppet-like drummer (Animal from “The Muppets”). Still, it wasn’t enough, and by the time they released a new album the following year, Autograph’s 15 minutes were pretty much up. (But we can still have this one song!)

Verse Riff

There are two guitar parts to this riff. The first three measures are the same for the first guitar part. There are some slides in the fourth measure of guitar part 1. For the second guitar part, all chords shown are in the same formation, so the only thing to be concerned with here is finding where on the fretboard to move to.

Guitar 1

Guitar 2

How To Play It

Guitar 1

Part 1

To play the first three measures, use any finger and play the third
fret on the “low E” string approximately seven times, and then use any two fingers to play the fifth frets on the “D” and “G” strings. The fourth measure will involve slides.

Part 2

To play the fourth measure, begin by using your 1st finger to play the third fret on the “low E” string, and then just move to the “A” string with that same finger and play the third fret. Slide to the fifth fret with that same finger, and then just move to the fifth fret on the “D” string. Play that once and then move to the “A” string again and play the second fret, sliding to the third fret. Move up to the third fret on the “D” string and play that once. Noticing a pattern? Anyway, after you have done that, move to the “A” string again and play the first fret, sliding to the second fret. Play an open noted “D” string and this part is finished!

Guitar 2

As said earlier, there are only two formations here to learn, because the other measure is repetitive. The only difference is that they are on different frets. Simply keep the formation in mind, and move to where the tablature shows.

Begin the first measure of this part by barring the third frets on the “high E” and “B” string with your 1st finger. Next, place your 2nd finger on the fourth fret on the “G” string, and your 3rd finger on the fifth fret on the “D” string. Play that a few times. The next formation is easy. This time, leave your 1st finger where it is on the “high E” string, and place your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers on the fifth frets on the “D” string, the “G” string, and the “B” string. That is all of the formations in this guitar part. Just move around as directed and you should have no problem.

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