Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor

Difficulty: Easy

  • Composer – Survivor
  • Where to find this song – Eye of the Tiger track #1
  • Release Date – March 1982

The Band:

  • Dave Bickler – vocals
  • Frankie Sullivan – guitar, background vocals
  • Jim Peterik – keyboards, background vocals
  • Klem Hayes / Bill Synair – bass
  • Kyle Woodring – drums
  • Jeff Boyle – drum programming


“Eye of the Tiger” was the theme song from ” Rocky,” as we all know. You would have to have been deaf to not hear this song played from anywhere to the skating rink to baseball games…..and let’s not forget….boxing matches.

Main Riff

Guitar 1

Guitar 2

How To Play It

Guitar 1

There are two guitar parts to this song. The first guitar part is past simple, so the tablature speaks for itself.

Use any finger for the first guitar part and play the third fret on the “A” string throughout with a slight palm mute. While this part is simple in approach, it may take some practice to evenly pick this up to speed.

Guitar 2

The second guitar part consists of all power chords. Begin this first measure by placing your 1st finger on the third fret of the “A” string. Then place your 3rd and 4th fingers on the fifth fret of the “D” and “G” strings. Play that twice, and then move to the first fret with your fingers still in the same position. Go directly back to what you just played to finish off the measure.

The second measure is self-explanatory. Play what you did in the first measure.

The third measure starts out the same as the first measure. After you have played the opening part twice, move to the “low E” string with fingers still in the same structure and play that once. To finish the measure, simply move all fingers over one fret toward the fourth fret. That is it for the riff!

Riff Resources

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