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  • Turnarounds As Intros And Endings

    Turnarounds can be used as cool attention-grabbing intros to a song. Just start the intro from the shifting melody line in bar 11 and the rest of the band can kick in wherever feels good in bar 12 or at the start of bar 1. Just the same as intros, a good turnaround is an…

  • Lola by The Kinks (Chords & Lyrics)

  • Mediant chord (iii)

    The mediant chord: iii The mediant chord not used that often in the major keys for songwriting and is found more often in the minor keys. This doesn’t mean that we should avoid it completely and I find that the iii chord can add some interesting colour, especially in a bridge. iii rarely moves to V and generally leads to the chords vi, ii and IV.…

  • Minor Blues In D Flat

  • Shuffle In C

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  • Guitar Rhythm Primer

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    This lesson will serve as a good starting point for playing rhythm guitar. Following The Beat When listening to music, you might find yourself tapping your foot along with the beat. The beat keeps track of the songs time, by creating a regular pulsation against which the length can be measured. The beat may be fast…

  • Quarter Note Strumming

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    In this lesson, you’ll discover what a quarter note is and how to strum it. The Exercise A quarter note is a note that represents the duration of one beat. In other words, it gets one beat. It looks like this:  You remember that I told you that a song in standard (4/4) time gets…

  • Sultans Of Swing- Dire Straits

    Ah, Sultans of Swing! What a great song filled with great guitar playing. Mark Knopfler really shows his stuff in this one. There are a couple of things that you should know about Mark’s playing: He doesn’t use a pick (except sometimes while playing rhythm) His lead playing is very subtle The first solo from…

  • Avalon- Mississippi John Hurt

    No blues singer ever presented a more gentle, genial image than Mississippi John Hurt. A guitarist with an extraordinarily lyrical and refined fingerpicking style, he also sang with a warmth unique in the field of blues, and the gospel influence in his music gave it a depth and reflective quality unusual in the field. Coupled…