Tag: 60s

  • The Real Me by The Who

    Difficulty: Easy Intro Be sure to put a capo on the 3rd fret to play in key… Here’s what it sounds like looped at the normal tempo of 140 bpm: Video Bass Guitar Part The Bass guitar player gets to show off a little bit on this one… Video Complete Tab Complete Transcription To “The Real Me”…

  • “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” by The Beatles

    Intro Pre-Chorus I am using an actual slide for the fifth guitar. I kept it as low as possible to get the weird effect. I used the “Jazz” effect on the Line 6, where I usually just use the “Bypass” for the acoustic. I also turned down the treble as much as I could, and lifted the presence up.…

  • “With A Little Help From My Friends” by The Beatles

    Difficulty: Easy This song features a playful bass over the guitar’s straight quarter note chord fragments. “With A Little Help From My Friends” is a perfect example of “less is more” as the guitar sits back and let’s the bass have all the fun. Verse Here’s both the guitar and bass part: Guitar Bass Chorus…

  • “Up Around The Bend” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Difficulty: Easy Intro Here’s what the guitar and bass sound like together: Guitar Bass Riff Resources Complete Transcription To “Up Around The Bend” (PDF) Complete Transcription To “Up Around The Bend” (Power Tab)

  • “Susie Q” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Riff Rundown Difficulty: Easy Riff Resources Complete Transcription To “Susie Q” (PDF) Complete Transcription To “Susie Q” (Power Tab)

  • “Something” by The Beatles

    Difficulty: Intermediate Composer – George Harrison Where to find this song – Abbey Road track #2 Release Date – September 1969 The Band: John Lennon – guitar, vocals Paul McCartney – bass, vocals George Harrison – guitar, vocals Ringo Starr – drums The Bio: There has been so much that has been said and written…

  • “Revolution” by The Beatles

    Difficulty: Intermediate Intro The intro is set with a slight fuzz on the first guitar. Pay close attention to the triplets, which are noted with —-3—–. Remember, that is a straight count of 1.2.3. You’ll also only primarily be playing the B string and high E string, so all of this can be played with…

  • Wipeout by The Surfaris

    Difficulty: Intermediate Composer – Berryhill/Connoly/Fuller/Wilson Where to find this song – The Surfaris Play Wipe Out track # 8 Release Date – May 1963 A Glendora, CA, surf group remembered for “Wipe Out,” the number two 1963 hit that  ranks as one of the great rock instrumentals, featuring a classic up-and-down guitar riff and a…

  • “White Room” by Cream

    Difficulty: Intermediate Verse Guitar Bass Bridge Guitar Bass Riff Resources Complete Transcription To “White Room” (PDF) Complete Transcription To “White Room” (Power Tab)

  • “Strange Brew” by Cream

    Riff Rundown Difficulty: Intermediate Intro Riff Here’s what the riff sounds like with both guitar parts: Guitar 1 Guitar 2 Riff Resources Complete Transcription To “Strange Brew” (PDF) Complete Transcription To “Strange Brew” (Power Tab)