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  • Outlaw Country Song Downloads

    All songs are in PDF which is compatible most devices. Computer users can right click on the song link and ‘save link as’ to download it. 11 Months And 29 Days – Johnny Paycheck A Boy Named Sue Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Country Boy Can Survive Don’t Take Your Guns To Town Family Tradition…

  • Outlaw Country Chords

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    The Essential Outlaw Country Open Chords

  • Outlaw Country Barre Chords

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    The open chords from the previous lesson will get you far, but in some songs, you’ll need to be able to play barre chords as well.  See, you cannot play every chord in the guitar’s open position. What if you wanted to play an F or B chord? How about a F# or Gb chord…

  • Outlaw Country Strumming

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    Let’s say you want to strum along with some Willie, Waylon, and the boys, but alas, you don’t know what strumming pattern to use. In this lesson, I’ll show you that absolute basics of outlaw country strumming. It’s a simple pattern that is easy to learn. Once you have it mastered you’ll be ready for the…

  • I, IV, V Chords

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    The most important chords in outlaw country music are the first, fourth and fifth chords of the key that the song is written in.  These are usually referred to by roman numerals as the I, IV and V chords.  If we take the A major scale, you will see below that these chords are A, D and E…

  • Alternating Bass Part 1

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    In this lesson, we’ll learn the core outlaw country strumming pattern along with a critical alternating bass pattern that we’ll play on our bottom strings. It’s possible to do a basic strum pattern, but it will never sound right until you put the alternating bass in. It’s just how the genre works. Outlaw Country Alternating Bass PDF

  • Alternating Bass Part 2

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    Alternating Bass 2

  • Walking Chords

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    When I say “walking chords”, obviously I don’t mean you should put a leash on your chord progression and take it out for a walk. Walking chords is bridging two or more chords with a single note run that utilizes lower pitch strings. Download the tab for this lesson: Walking Chords PDF In outlaw country music…

  • Adding Fills: G

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    Fills in G PDF Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5

  • Adding Fills: C

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    Fills-in-C-1 PDF