Don’t Follow by Alice In Chains

Riff Rundown

Difficulty: Easy –


This riff is great for beginners to learn, yet may still provide a bit of a challenge for more intermediate players, too. The basic premise for the riffs is 4 chords played arpeggio style, or in other words: one note at a time. You’ll want to let each note ring as long as you can.



Once you learn how to finger the chords you should practice switching

effectivly between them. Once you are able to play all four chords with

ease you’ll be able to work on playing them one note at a time. Playing

the chords in this arpeggio style is the hardest part of playing the



Bellow are the 4 chord forms you’ll use for the riff.

Notice that the D/F# utilizes the thumb. Wrap your thumb around the

fretboard and place your thumb one the 2nd fret of the low string. The

thumb in this position will help you deaden the 5th string so that it

does not ring out.

The A at the end show you what finger to use to pull off from the

3rd to the 2nd fret with the red dot.






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