Your Move by Yes

Riff Rundown

Difficulty: Easy

We will need to tune as followed: E, G, C, G, C, E

Since we will need to use a capo on the 4th fret, you will be able to play the “C” chord open.

This song has a recurring chord theme. Here are the chords used for this song:


This is actually the intro riff for “I’ve Seen All Good People,” but we transition, so I included it. This is all one guitar part, and the theme recurs a few times.

Click here for the fingerings

Video Lesson

Verse Theme

For the verse, you are just forming a standard chord shape, and
working off of it. Here is an example:

After playing the Dm/C, you simply move your fingers in the same
position to the Cmaj7. The F/C is easy, as you can use just one
finger to barre it if you wish, or keep the same positioning and
fit your fingers on the frets.

Chorus Theme

The chorus is mostly the same thing as the verse, so if you can
play that, you can play this.

Transcription In PTB

Transcription In PDF