“Burn One Down” by Ben Harper

ben harper

Riff Rundown

You will need to tune to :

D, G, C, F, A, D

Difficulty: EasyThis song is VERY reminiscent of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”

because of the walking bass note progression. Ben Harper is a really
cool musician with some really great songs. If you haven’t heard of
him, his music is a MUST listen!

We did this song a little different. The themes are repetitive, so
we broke down the two themes in the song that recur. They have play-along
audio by themselves. There aren’t any chords here that you shouldn’t
already know, so the fingerings are only up for the intro, which is
a little confusing.

Here is an MP3 of what the bongos sound like, played on toms.



In the live version, he strums this part a little more. I did this
on the audio, but NOT on the video. It is easier to see the video when
everything is very basic. I didn’t want you getting confused as to why
they sound a little different. Also, on the video, I played it a few
times with different speeds so you can see the changes a little easier
on the bass notes.



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