Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley


In this lesson, you’ll learn how to play Reggae music in the Bob Marley classic “Could You Be Loved”.

Reggae is a popular music of Jamaican origin having elements of calypso and rhythm and blues, characterized by a strongly accentuated offbeat.The offbeat is the 2nd and 4th beats of a measure. Most songs in other genres emphasis the 1st and 3rd beats. This accent on the offbeat is what gives Reggae it’s unique sound.

Hear This Lesson:

Guitar 1

In Reggae the offbeat is usually accentuated with a rhythm guitar, as in the case with “Could You Be Loved”. There is a single guitar playing the chords on the off beats.


In the video, you can see me making a downward motion with my picking hand on the downbeat, but I don’t come in contact with the strings until the upbeat when my arm makes an upwards motion. It’s in this motion that I play the chord. Maybe putting it in the perspective of the physical
arm motion will help you understand the “downbeat” and “upbeat”.

Guitar 2

The second guitar part is very particular about the rhythm and is by far the hardest part to play. In the first two measures use a slight palm mute. To do this you’ll rest the heel of your picking hand lightly on the strings just before the bridge and apply a little pressure as you pick the string. This will create a slightly muffled tone for the notes. It’s mostly quick 16th notes. Try a down up down up picking pattern.


Guitar 3

Last of all is a fairly easy lead part to play.