“Shooting Star” by Bad Company

Difficulty: Intermediate

Composer – Paul Rodgers

Where to find this song – Straight Shooter track #4

Release Date -April 1975

The Band:

Mick Ralphs – guitar

Simon Kirke – drums

Paul Rodgers -vocals

Boz Burell – bass

Bad Company is one of a handful of bands that literally define Rock n’ Roll. For 21 years, Bad Company has epitomized a style that values song form and the band concept over the particular of individual solo careers. In the process, Bad Company built itself into one of rock’s most durable and popular touring acts, providing the standard by which such groups as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bon Jovi, and the Black Crowes have publicly measured themselves.

Verse Riff

How To Play It

This song is a bit confusing to play, but follow closely with the instructions and the video and you should be fine. In this lesson, there are a few hammer-ons. That is about it. A hammer-on is when you go from a lower note to a higher note, only striking the first note.

Part 1

Begin the first measure by barring your 1st finger over the fourteenth frets on the “D” string, the “G” string, and the “B” string. Then, just hammer-on to the fifteenth fret on the “B” string with your 2nd finger. Next, just let off of the fifteenth fret a second
and play the barred fourteenth frets a few times. Then, barre the same strings, this time on the ninth frets, and use your 3rd finger to hammer-on to the eleventh fret on the “D” string, Remove your 3rd finger ( figuratively, not literally!!!!) and then just play the barred notes to end the measure.

Part 2

The second measure is pretty easy as well. Begin by barring your 1st finger on the “A” string, “D” string, “G” string, and the “B” string on the seventh fret (Do not play the “A” string or the “B” string yet. It will come into play in a second. ) Use your 3rd finger to hammer-on to the ninth fret on the “D” string. Remove it, and play the seventh fret notes that you just played. Next, with your 1st finger still in place, use your 4th finger to hit the tenth fret on the “A” string. Let off, and now you will play the “A” string and the “D” string on the seventh fret. If you kept your fingers barred, this will not be a problem. Hammer-on the ninth fret with your 3rd finger. Move to the “D” string and hammer-on in the same way. To finish the measure, pick out the notes as shown on the tablature, using your 3rd finger to hit the ninth fret on the last note.

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