Here Without You by 3 Doors Down

Difficulty: Easy


The tab may look much more difficult than it really is. You will just be playing an Am, F, and G for the intro. The main thing to remember is in the third measure, where you will need to use your 4th finger to play the third fret on the low E string. That will enable you to use your 3rd finger to play the second fret on the A string for the last measure of the intro.


The verse has a repeating progression of Am, G, Am, F, and G. The same notes from above apply to the next to last measure of this part as well with your 4th finger playing the third fret on the low E string.


This progression is a little different. The opening chord is a Cadd2 ( basically a C chord with your 4th finger playing the third fret on the B string instead of the first fret, which you would usually use your 1st finger to play on the B string. The
progression begins with a Cadd2, back into the G, Am, F, and finally the G from earlier. You should now notice the recurring theme of the song.


The bridge is simply Bm, D, A, and G.