“Easy Does It” Jam Session

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For this session, I’ve created an easy composition that we’ll call “Easy Does It”. It will allow you to practice three to four different parts and play each part in a virtual jam session.

There should be a little something for everyone to sink their teeth into. It’s easy enough that you can focus on playing along with the other parts. This will help keep you in check, keep time and play well with others.

Lesson Notation

The music/tab for this lesson is only available to Beginner Workshop students:

Easy Does It PDF

It contains first the full song (with basic rhythm), then the advanced rhythm part, and then each lead guitar by itself. Use the notation to play along with the jam tracks below.

Jam Tracks

There are four different jam tracks for the song. You can play the individual parts that are suggested over the tracks. Please refer to the notation to find the individual parts.

  • All three guitars:
  • Rhythm and lead guitar one (play lead guitar two over this one):
  • Rhythm and lead guitar two (play lead guitar one over this one):
  • Just the rhythm guitar (practice basic strum and advanced rhythm):

Extra Credit…

If you’re feeling brave, try just playing the rhythm track and tinker with the existing lead melody.