Tag: acoustic guitar

  • Speed Building Workout 2

    We’ll build speed step by step. In this session we have speed building exercises at 60 beats per minute.

  • How to change strings on an acoustic guitar

    There are thousands of types of guitars and many of them need different methods of changing strings. Use this guide as just an example.

  • “Who’ll Stop The Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Difficulty: Easy This is a great song to help you work on your strumming. Notice that the strumming stays constant, and you are playing basic chords.

  • Acoustic Guitar Care

    This article will explain how to take care of your acoustic guitar. An acoustic guitar will last a lifetime if properly taken care of. 

  • Reverb

    Reverb is an echo effect reminiscent to sound you get when you are overlooking a canyon and can’t resist the urge to shout “hello” and hear it echo back at you. This probably makes reverb one of the first know sound altering effects to man. If you want an example of reverb turn the reverb knob all the way…

  • “Hate Me” by Blue October

    Difficulty: Easy We are going to work on this song a little differently. The other guitars that are played in the song only mimic the actual acoustic guitar, so instead of playing those parts, let’s improvise. Below is the entire acoustic theme, from beginning to end.