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  • Dominant 7th Chords

    There are 5 dominant 7th shapes in the open position. They are C7, A7, G7, E7, and D7. All other dominant 7th chords must be played with a barred version of one of these chords.

  • Major Arpeggios: Open Position

    Here are five basic major arpeggio shapes you can play in the open position.

  • Major Chords

    The five basic chord shapes are the open C, A, G, E, and D chords. Together they spell the word CAGED which helps us remember them.

  • C Shape Barre Chord

    While the C major in open position should be no sweat to you by now, the barred version is a little more challenging. It’s hard to get at first, but don’t you dare skip it. It’s important know this shape.

  • D Shape Barre Chord

    This barre chord can come in handy when you least expect it. It’s a little difficult to play at first…

  • The Five Basic Chord Shapes

    The five basic chord shapes are open C, A, G, E, and D chords. Together they spell the word CAGED which helps us remember them. What To Do This is your very first step! If you do not know how to play these 5 basic chords then you should learn and memorize each chord pattern.…

  • E Shape Barre Chord

    Create a barre with your first finger on any fret. Pretend your finger is the nut of the guitar. Now use your remaining 3 fingers to play an E chord like in the Major chord below. The fingering is a little bit different, but the form is the same. E Major Open E Major Barred (audio example is…

  • Barre Chords

      You cannot play every chord in the guitar’s open position. What if you wanted to play an F or B chord? How about an F# or Gb chord for that matter? You can’t do it without using a barred chord. There are 12 possible major chords and without barre chords you can only play 5…

  • Open Pentatonic Scale Shapes

    These patterns can be used in your soloing and to play over their representative open chords. As usual I have included at least 2 diagrams for each pattern. The 1st diagram shows the pattern with it’s correct fingerings and the second diagram shows the chord counterpart that they are associated with. The A, E, and D style patterns have some…

  • Dominant 7th Arpeggios In The Open Position

    Here’s the five dominant 7th arpeggio shapes as they are found in the open position.