“Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” by Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant constructed the song in 1970 at Bron-Yr-Aur, a small cottage in Wales where they stayed after completing a gruelling concert tour of the United States. John Paul Jones also received a writing credit for the song. It was later recorded at Headley Grange in 1970, using a mobile studio belonging to the Rolling Stones. It was finished off at Island, London and Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.

Open Tuning

Here’s a great acoustic riff from Jimmy Page. The tuning is C, A, C, G, C, E. Add plenty of reverb to the acoustic to make it sound more like the original. This wasn’t easy, so be ready.


The intro theme repeats quite a bit as a theme, so if you have this part down, there’s only a few more measures you’ll need to study on. You’ll see on the first bar below that you will need to play the fourth measure 4 times, and then move on to the fifth measure, which is actually
the same thing. Then, we move into the actual ‘theme’ of the song:

Led Zeppelin Guitar Tabs

Theme 1

If you can play everything below, the rest of the song is just a repeat:

Theme 2

Theme 2 picks up right after what you played above. There are a few variations in Theme 2, so I seperated it:

Note: We have a very tricky part coming up in this theme, which is noted by the “H” (hammer-on) and “P” (pull-off) so pay close attention to it!

Everything else in the song is just a recap of what you have learned.

led zeppelin guitar tabs

Download the entire song here:

Complete Transcription To “Bron-Y-Aur” (PDF)

Complete Transcription To “Bron-Y-Aur” (Power Tab)

Video Lesson:’

Watch this video lesson on “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp”:


“Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” Video Lesson


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