“Us And Them” by Pink Floyd

Download the guitar tab for the song “Us And Them” by Pink Floyd.

Difficulty: Easy

Composer – Waters / Wright

Where to find this song – Dark Side of the Moon track # 6

Release Date – March 1973

The Band:

David Gilmour – guitar, vocals

Syd Barrett – guitar, vocals

Roger Waters – vocals, guitar, bass

Nick Mason – drums

Richard Wright – vocals, keyboards

The Bio:

Since the mid ’60s, their music relentlessly experimented with electronics
and special effects to push pop formats to their outer limits. At the same
time they wrestled with lyrical themes and concepts of such accord that their
music has taken on almost classical, ethereal quality, in both sound and words.
Despite that type of image, the group was brought down to earth in the 1980s
by decidedly mundane power struggles over leadership, and the psychotic breakdown
of Syd Barrett, as detailed in the acclaimed movie, ” The Wall.”




The first and second measure – here you will need to play the seventh fret
with your 3rd finger on the “G” string. Barre your 1st finger on
the fifth frets on the “B” string and the “high E” string.
Allow all notes to ring. Follow the tablature as well as possible, because
every note with Pink Floyd counts!

The third and fourth measure – for this measure you are doing just what you
did in measures one and two, but on the ninth and seventh frets. There is no
change whatsoever in these measures.

The fifth and sixth measure – for the fifth measure, you will need to place
your 2nd finger on the tenth fret on the “G” string, your 3rd finger
on the tenth fret on the “B” string, and your 1st finger on the ninth
fret on the “high E” string. Play as shown on the tablature.

The seventh and eighth measure – for these measures, barre your 1st finger
on the seventh frets on the “G” string, the “B” string,
and the “high E” string. You will need to place your 2nd finger on
the eighth fret on the “B” string also though. Play according to
the tablature.

The ninth and tenth measure – these measures are the same as the first and
second measures.


Notes :

The following measures are identical:

The first through eighth measures, and the tenth measure – all of these measures
are primarily the same, but there are a few measures that require you to play
a few strings a few more times. The overall arrangement stays the same though.

Play these measures by placing your 1st finger on the fifth fret on the “A” string.
Place your 4th finger on the seventh fret on the “D” string. That
is it for the first eight measures. This is an excellent riff to aid you in
learning the steps for playing the bass. Remember, you can play these notes
on any guitar, because the lowest four strings on the guitar is the same for
the bass.

For the ninth measure, you will need to slide on the “D” string
toward the tuning pegs on the bass. Play the twelfth fret on that string with
any finger.

At the end of the tenth measure, all you need to do is use your 1st finger
to play the “E” string on the fifth fret to end the measure.

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