“Tangerine” by Led Zeppelin


Overall the song isn’t that hard to play. There are just quite a few parts to it.


There’s only one guitar part here, which is acoustic. It’s actually
played on a 12 string, but of course you can still play it on a 6 string.

Verse Theme

The verse theme has two guitars. Guitar II is transcribed from a mandolin,
and it’s in standard tuning. Guitar I is the acoustic from above continuing
into the verse.

Here is the full verse:

Here is just the rhythm:

Chorus Theme

The chorus theme has three guitar parts. Guitar II is the mandolin
again. Guitar III is transcribed from a pedal steel. I did NOT add
wah to the song so that you could hear the notes much clearer. It’s
not easy to get Guitar III to sound right, as it is really a pedal
steel, but I’ve had so many requests for this I had to add it. Guitar
I is of course the acoustic again.

Here’s the full chorus:

Here’s just the rhythm:

Complete Transcription In PDF

Complete Transcription In PTB


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