“In My Life” by The Beatles

Difficulty: Easy

Genre: Rock

For Acoustic or Electric Guitar

The Beatles were known for writing some of the best pop tunes ever. Many of their songs are technically easy to learn to play, so they’re great for beginners.

The intro to “In My Life” consists of 2 guitar parts:


For the 1st guitar you can either fingerpick it or hybrid pick it. Hybrid picking involves you using your pick to play the notes on the low A string and plucking the notes on the B and high E string with a spare finger.

Here are are the suggested fingerings (in red):

Here’s the 2nd guitar part:

In the audio below you can hear the 2nd guitar part. After you’re able to play along with it, try playing the 1st guitar part over it.

Then practice the 2nd part along with the audio of only the 1st guitar


Here’s the 1st guitar part:

Here’s the 2nd guitar part: