In The End by Linkin Park

The Bio:

Old-school hip-hop, traditional classic rock, and spooling electronic vibes were the initial factors behind the building of the alternative metal band, Linkin Park. The band’s southern Californian musical roots were also an underlying basis for their music as they had formed a tight friendship while still in high school. They just released, along with Jay-Z, DefJam CEO and rapper, a collaborative disc that compiles their music along with his music. It totally fuses two genres together, which was also done originally by Aerosmith and Run D.M.C.


This is actually a piano part, but it’s transcribed here for the guitar:

You will begin the first part by placing your 2nd finger on the second fret on the “D” string. Play the open notes on the “B” string and proceed to the next measure. Next, you will be using your 1st finger on the fourth fret on the “D” string and your 2nd finger
on the fifth fret on the “A” string. Play those notes together, and then just pick the fourth fret out until you get to the open notes. For the next measure, you just need to move your fingers in the same arrangement to the second and third frets on the same strings. Then end this measure by playing the open notes. The last measure is identical
to the second measure.

Riff Resources

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