Category: 00’s

  • American Idiot by Green Day

    Out of all the post-Nirvana American alternative bands to break into the pop mainstream, Green Day was second only to Pearl Jam and Soundgarden in terms of influence. In truth, Green Day were simply punk revivalists, recharging the energy of speedy, catchy three-chord punk-pop songs. Though their music wasn’t particularly innovative, they brought the sound…

  • “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

    This riff is set to 124 bpm (beats per minute) and is really easy to play. Intro Riff Resources Complete Transcription To “Seven Nation Army” (PDF) Complete Transcription To “Seven Nation Army” (Power Tab)

  • “Be Yourself” Solo by Audioslave

    The guitar uses a capo on the 2nd fret throughout the song. All notes therefore are relative to the capo. Solo The guitar uses a wah pedal and distortion. Guitar Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

  • “Boys Of Summer” by The Ataris

    Riff Rundown Difficulty: Easy Genre: Rock For Electric Guitar This is a remake of the classic Don Henley song “Boys Of Summer”.  It’s super easy to learn how to play, so let’s get started right away! Intro Here’s the transcription for the lead guitar part. You’ll want to repeat the last 4 measures 3 times. Here’s the rythm…

  • “Bad Day” by Fuel

    Difficulty: Intermediate Verse Riff Here it is at normal tempo of 88 beats per minute: Pre Chorus Here it is at normal tempo of 88 beats per minute:

  • “Away From The Sun” by 3 Doors Down

    Difficulty: Intermediate The title track from the 3 Doors Down album “Away From The Sun” is a mid-tempo power ballad. As in many 3 Doors Down songs, the rhythm pattern is an arpeggiated chord progression with various little fills throughout. It can be played with a pick or fingerpicked (both are demonstrated in the video…

  • Awake by Godsmack

    Difficulty: Intermediate You will need to tune to : Drop D and down one step (C, G, C, F, A, D)

  • “Breakdown” by Tantric

    Difficulty: Intermediate This is a really cool sounding riff from the new band Tantric. In the authentic recording it’s played with an acoustic guitar and doubled with electric guitars with very little distortion and tuned down 1/2 step.

  • Greed by Godsmack

    Difficulty: Intermediate This tune uses drop D tuning. In the recording all six strings are tuned down a further full step: C,G,C,F,A,D. So if you want to play along with the original recording, first tune down a full step and then drop you Low E string down another full step. I imagine they use a…

  • “Yellow” by Coldplay

    Difficulty:Easy – Intermediate There’s some interesting things going on in this song as two of the guitars use an alternate tuning. The chords played in this song may not be the style you are used to, so I included the correct chord diagram for each part. You’ll also find the complete guitar tab for download. Here’s how…