“Black And Blue” by Van Halen

Riff Rundown

Difficulty: Intermediate

This lesson has been broken down a little more than usual so that you can
take one set of measures at a time and work hard with them.



Trouble Spots

There are two fills in the riff that may give you a problem. The 1st problem
area occurs in the 4th measure. Let’s take a look at the 4th measure with it’s
correct fingerings labeled in red at the bottom:

Start out slow and slowly build up speed:

The second problem area is the in the 8th measure. This one is a little tougher
to get than the first one. Again, the correct fingerings are at the bottom
in red.

Complete Transcription To “Black
and Blue” (PDF)

Complete Transcription To “Black
and Blue” (Power Tab)


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