Beginner Blues Guitar Lead Lesson 2

You should master lesson 1 before you tackle this lesson. This lesson builds from it.

In this lesson we’re going to take the scale and licks that we learned in lesson 1 and practice them against a backing track.

Backing Track

This backing track track is just a standard blues progression in the key of A. This rhythm part is very similar to the one we learned in Eric Clapton’s Crossroads. If you would like to learn to play the backing track you should use the Crossroads lesson as a jumping point.

Here’s the backing track:

An Important Note About Example Leads 1-5

I’m not going to tab each lead out meticulously. I know some
people will freak out about this, but there’s a reason for it.
It want your ears to be the guide. Remember we’re only using
the same 5
notes over and over. Please go back to the previous lead and practice it some more if you get confused at any point.

I’ll explain as best I can how to approach each lead. Do your
best to mimic what I’m doing in the example leads.

Lead 1

In this lead I want you to simply play up and down the scale
pattern in time with them music. It’s really easy! You may add
a little vibrato here and there, too. Keep practicing until you
can do it smooth and clean:

Lead 2

In this lead we’re going to spice it up a bit. We’ll use the
same exact notes from the scale patter, but instead of just going
up and down the scale pattern we’re going to mix the notes up
a little bit. For example we’ll go down 3 notes and then back
up again. You won’t hit a “wrong” note as long as you
stick to the scale pattern. We’re going to also add some bends
here, also.

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