“Breakdown” by Tantric

Difficulty: Intermediate

This is a really cool sounding riff from the new band Tantric. In the
authentic recording it’s played with an acoustic guitar and doubled
with electric guitars with very little distortion and tuned down 1/2

It’s in “drop D” tuning which means you have to tune down
your low E string to a D. To do this, first make sure your tuned to
standard tuning. Then you’ll want to tune your low E string down two
steps to D. See the picture below. You can use the audio clip below
to tune your low E string to D for drop D tuning.

Trouble With The Fingerings?

Below are the suggested fingerings to use in order to play the riff.
You should fingerpick the riff also. Use your thumb to play the notes
on the low E and A strings and your 3rd finger to play the notes on
the G string.

Riff Resources

Complete Transcription To “Breakdown”

Complete Transcription To “Breakdown”
(Power Tab)