“Breathe” by Pink Floyd

Riff Rundown

Difficulty: Easy

Composer -Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright

Where to find this song – Dark Side of the Moon track # 1

Release Date – March 1973

The Band:

David Gilmour – guitar, vocals

Syd Barrett – guitar, vocals

Roger Waters – vocals, guitar, bass

Nick Mason – drums

Richard Wright – vocals, keyboards

The Bio:

Since the mid ’60s, their music relentlessly experimented with electronics and special effects to push pop formats to their outer limits. At the same time they wrestled with lyrical themes and concepts of such accord that their music has taken on almost classical, ethereal quality, in both sound and words. Despite that type of image, the group was brought down to earth in the 1980s by decidedly mundane power struggles over leadership, and the psychotic
breakdown of Syd Barrett, as detailed in the acclaimed movie, ” The


Here’s what the guitars and bass sound like together:

Guitar 1

One thing to notice that most of you probably already know about Pink Floyd is that their music is very busy, and sometimes the opposite. In this case, you will be playing a great deal of E-based and A-based chords, but all of them are picked out in an awkward manner.

Begin the first measure, which is identical to the fifth measure, by placing your 1st finger on the second fret on the “A” string, and your 3rd or 4th finger on the fourth fret on the “D” string. Play all other
strings open. Notice that at the beginning you will need to perform a very full strum to get the desired effect. Pick accordingly with the open notes after you have strummed the first chord.

Begin the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth measures by barring your 1st finger on the second frets of the “D” string, the “G” string,
and the “B” string. There are a few variations on the notes in all
of the similiar measures, but for the most part the idea is the same. We’ll discuss that in a second. After you have barred your 1st finger accordingly, pick out the noted strings, starting with the “A” string being played open. After you have played the second fret on the “B” string, and after you have played the “A” string open once more, all you need to do is use your 2nd finger to play the third fret on the “B” string. Let off after you have played it, and since your 1st finger was there, you can play the second fret on the “B” string without even moving your 1st finger.

The fourth measure is just like the second measure, but after you play the “A” string open a second time, this time you will need to slide with your 1st finger to the fourth fret on the “D” string. Use your 2nd finger on the third fret on the “B” string for the next part, and remember not to leave out the open notes on the “G” string. Last, use your 1st finger for the second fret on the “B” string. End the measure by playing the “G” string open once.

The sixth measure is the same as the second, with a little more emphasis on the picking of the second fret.

The seventh measure just deals with open notes, so play those accordingly.

Guitar 2

Talk about an easy part for slide guitar…


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