Open Guitar Chord Chart

Below is a handy open guitar chord chart that you can download and print for offline viewing.

Open chords are guitar chords that utilize open strings. They should be among the first chords a guitarist learns.

Don’t know how to read a chord diagram like you see in the chord chart? Learn how here.

If you don’t know all the chords on the chart, I suggest you print it out and work on memorizing them. Take your time and learn one or two chords a day or cram it all in a day or two. What’s important is that you can play them and identify them by name.

You’ll find these types of chords:

  • Major chords such as E, A, C, G, D
  • Minor chords such as Em, Am, Dm
  • Seventh chord such as E7, A7, B7
  • Major seventh chords such as AM7, CM7
  • Minor seventh chords such as Em7, Am7

Learn how to play the major chords first, which are the most common, followed by the minor chords. Then learn the other variations.

Open Guitar Chord Chart

open guitar chord chart

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