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  • “I’ve Seen All Good People” by Yes

    Difficulty: Intermediate “I’ve Seen All Good People” is a song performed by the band Yes and written by Jon Anderson and Chris Squire. It is included on 1971’s The Yes Album. The first part of the song, “Your Move”, was released as a single. Main Riff Here’s what both guitars and bass sound like together:…

  • Your Move by Yes

    Riff Rundown Difficulty: Easy We will need to tune as followed: E, G, C, G, C, E Since we will need to use a capo on the 4th fret, you will beĀ able to play the “C” chord open.

  • Long Distance Runaround by Yes

    Composer – Anderson Where to find this song – Fragile track # 6 Release Date – January 1972 The Bio: They were the longest-lasting and the most successful of the ’70s rock groups. Yes proved one of the lingering success stories from that musical genre. The band, founded in 1968, hit the generation gap with…