“Bother” by Stone Sour

Difficulty: Intermediate

Composer – Taylor

Where to find this song – Stone Sour track # 8

Release Date – August 2002

The Band:

Corey Taylor – vocals, guitar

Josh Rand – guitar

Sean Economaki – bass

Joel Ekman – drums

Sid Wilson – DJ

Jim Root – guitar

The Bio:

Singer Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root got their start a few years ago
in Stone Sour. Described as a cross between Metallica and Alice in Chains,
the group was put aside when the two men joined Slipknot. In the spring of
2002, Root and Taylor got in contact with original guitarist Josh Rand and
bassist Sean Economaki and re-formed Stone Sour to record their first album.
Drafting in drummer Joel Elkman and DJ Sid Wilson, the band released a song
for the Spider Man soundtrack, which only Taylor received credit for in the
song writing.

How To Play It:

Overalll, this song will be no real problem to play. The second and third measures are identical, and the fourth measure is almost exactly like the second and third measure openings, without the hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Begin the first measure by barring your 1st finger on the seventh frets of all strings except the “low E” string. Use your 4th finger for the ninth fret on the “D” string and your 3rd finger for the eighth fret on the “B” string. You will need to hammer-on to these notes,
which means that you will only strike the strings once and only once when you first play the seventh frets. Next, just play the seventh frets again, but try to avoid hitting the “high E” string. Then, use your 1st finger on the seventh fret on the “B” string. Play that once, and then hammer-on to the eighth fret on the same string with your 2nd finger. Lift
that finger off and play the seventh fret again with your 1st finger. You just played a hammer-on and a pull-off. End the measure by using either your 3rd or 4th finger to play the ninth fret on the “G” string. Then, just use your 1st finger to end the measure on the seventh fret of the same string.

For the rest of the riff, everything else is repetitive except the beginning of the second measure. What you will do is play the seventh fret on the “A” string with your 1st finger, and use your 4th finger to play the ninth fret on the “D” string. Then, you can either barre your 1st finger on the seventh frets on the “G” string, the “B” string, and the “high E” string, and then use your 2nd finger to play the eighth fret on the “B” string – OR – you can basically play a D chord but on those frets instead of the usual frets. Do this by placing your 1st finger on the seventh fret on the “G” string. Place your 3rd finger on the eighth fret on the “B” string, and then place your 2nd finger on the seventh fret on the “high E” string.

Riff Resources

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